OnePlus 5 Smartphone Confirmed

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Confirmed

Last year's OnePlus 3 phone.
Business Insider/Antonio Villas-Boas

For the past few years, Chinese tech company OnePlus has built a reputation among phone geeks for selling great phones for not so much money

Last year's OnePlus 3 held its own
against the other "flagship" phones
of the year, for instance, yet only cost $400. The company released a slightly beefed-up successor, the OnePlus 3T
, later in the year; while it raised the price to $450, it still performed similarly to pricier high-end phones from Google, Samsung, and Apple.

That OnePlus planned to release a new phone later this year is no shock, but the company on Friday confirmed that its next device is coming later this summer. If you liked this article and you would like to receive a lot more details relating to เบอร์มงคล kindly pay a visit to our own webpage. For what it's worth, it launched the OnePlus 3
 last June.

More notably, OnePlus confirmed to The Verge
that the new device would be called the OnePlus 5, skipping the "OnePlus 4" designation entirely. The Verge says the skip is due to the number 4 being considered unlucky in OnePlus' native China. (It's pronounced similarly to the Chinese word for "death.") If you exclude the mid-range OnePlus X
, the new device will also be the fifth phone in OnePlus' core series of phones.

The company also seems to be fans
 of former NBA player Robert Horry, who wore the number 5. The more you know!