The Simplest Ways to Reply to Messages

The Simplest Ways to Reply to Messages

There are several opportunities that allow users of the WhatsApp application to reply to incoming messages without having to be caught if they are online. Whether it's because it's still troublesome or maybe you want to avoid someone who is always stalking us for some reason. It turns out it's really easy, guys, and you don't need to bother blocking people who keep stalking, or maybe turning off the last seen notification that could actually be a boomerang for yourself because we also can't see the last seen status from friends.

For tips on replying to messengerize without getting caught online, there are actually a variety of ways, but only 2 will be delivered here, and this is the easiest compared to other methods that can be applied. Curious? C'mon, just go ahead and see the full discussion below.

Tips for Reply to Message Without Online 

1. Turn off the Network

The first tip that can be done is to turn off the network on your cellphone, make sure there is no internet connection connected to your device, via a WiFi network or Cellular connection. For more effectiveness and speed, you can activate flight mode directly. After all internet connections have been lost, you can open the WhatsApp application and reply to the desired message. Type the message and immediately send, this way of course the message will not be sent. Exit the application first, and then turn on the internet again to start sending messages.


2. Reply Via Notification

The next tips for replying to messages without getting caught online is replying via notifications. If your operating system or UI is the latest version, as well as the WhatsApp application, then you can immediately reply via notification.

It's easy, when a message arrives and the notification is floating, leave it alone. Then, please open the notification column and push the down arrow icon on the download whatsapp 2020 menu and also the message you want to reply to, then click 'reply' to start typing the message. After that, just send it. Alright!

Like that guys, these two tips can be used to reply to messages without having to be seen online in the WhatsApp application, the easiest and you can apply. Good luck.