Developing a Strong Internet Presence for the Business

Developing a Strong Internet Presence for the Business

A great website is not enough to capture the attention of potential customers locally, nationally, or globally. Only one component of a strong internet presence will not even merit rankings on the first page of search engines. Trends in digital marketing are evolving constantly and there is no room for businesses that need to play catch-up to progressive ones. Free assistance is available from major search engines.




This leading search engine, for example, offers Google My Business Messaging. Free tools are available to update the business profile, build a website, and engage customers from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. The tracking information provided helps owners to determine what aspects of the profile bring in new business. Pictures can be added to entice customers, increase sales, and attract new people to the business. The latest addition to this service is a mobile application that allows owners to use SMS to reach customers.


What Is SMS?


SMS is an acronym for short messaging services, which simply means a text message. Text messages are the preferred means of communication for most of the population. No one has to spell anything correctly or use full words. Messages can be read in a glance and responses take a few seconds to create and send. It is perfect for a society where the average attention span is now less than eight seconds, according to a Microsoft study.


Another advantage to text messaging as a way to communicate with customers is that texts have a 99% open rate. Emails are not checked as often, and they can be deleted without being opened. Texts can also be deleted but are typically read first. The message is reaching customers. Owners can text coupons, invite customers to leave a review, or announce sales. Customers can send questions to the business and get quick responses.


Do Not Forget Social Media


Social media is imperative to a strong internet presence. There are pages that allow businesses to reach all type of audiences from visual people to those who want details to people who prefer to read snippets. These are also important because users will often send business links or recommendations to all their friends and the process continues until thousands of people are reached. If there is no one in the business who is familiar with social media pages, there are many companies that offer social media management services, as well as digital marketing services. The business requires a strong internet presence if it wants to compete now and in the future.